2024 Cavendish Red Gum Festival Feature Artist

We are thrilled to be welcoming Ross Paterson as our 2024 Feature Artist in the Red Gum Gallery.

A professional and versatile artist with over forty years experience, Ross is internationally recognized as a leading, proficient watercolourist, who is also well respected for his “en plein air” paintings in pastel and oil.  

 He is widely acknowledged for his long- practised, individual technique which expresses mood, design and feeling toward each subject, especially  in his landscape paintings…mostly completed on location.

A multi award winner, in China and Australia, Ross has often been one of few watercolourists invited to represent Australia in World Watermedia Expositions and Biennials; and has been published in various books and publications worldwide. His writings include,” The Art of Watercolour” [France} -the book, as well as the magazine of the same name.

 Many other artist magazine articles have been contributed by him over the years, in U K Artist and Australian Artist on many occasions.

.   Successful solo exhibitions in China and group exhibitions in Europe, have followed, along with instructional DVD’s- “Summer Light in Watercolour”-[available worldwide.]

Ross is an invited member of Twenty Melbourne Painters Society, and Australian Watercolour institute [Sydney]